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There are a great number of reasons to remove an interior door panel in a car or truck. At the core of the problem is something behind the panel either broken or in need of upgrade. Electric window motors sometimes go bad and need to be replaced. Window regulators can skip off their track. Weather strips can start leaking. Factory door mount audio speakers can sound better with an upgrade. A ding or dent may require convincing via its backside. The list of reasons can go on and on, but the task at hand is always the same. Remove the door panel to access and repair the problem at hand. And with our help, taking that door panel off has never been easier

 Step 1 - The first step is to remove everything connected to the door on top of the panel. This includes the window cranks, armrests, and anything else with roots in the door. Scour for every screw. Finding the fasteners can be tricky. Some are hid very well, but you must be sure to remove all fasteners from door panel

Step 2 - Keep an eye for hidden fasteners. This window crank has a clip to hold it in place. Attempting to pry it off without removing the clip would have damaged the panel and possibly snapped the handle. A first disaster in the removal of the door panel. 

Step 3 - Figure out which tool out of the set is the best one for the job. The right one will slide under the panel and grip the fastener. The first fastener is the hardest and also the easiest place to cause damage.

Step 4 - Work along the length of the door panel. Remove one fastener at a time. Vehicles that have seen a few less presidents will likely employ more space age materials then the vinyl covered pressboard panel seen here. Modern panels are just as easy to break.

Step 5 - With the panel removed repairs can now be made. Be careful not to tear any of the plastic attached to the door. The plastic must be put back in the same place to prevent moisture damage. Shown here are all the parts removed and the tools required.

 Step 6 - After repairing thebroken window regulator or expired electric window motor it's time to put the panel back on. Apply pressure on top of the fasteners one at a time.

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